Lunes 13 de Septiembre

08.00 a 08.45

Special Seminar

Presenter: Daniel Basigalup

Speaker : Thomas Sinclair
Breeding for Physiological Improvement in Crop Yield

08.45 a 09.15

Open Ceremony

09.15 a 09.30


09.30 a 11.20

Session I Creating and using genetic variability Fostered by Argenbio

Chair : Marcelo Helguera

09:30 a 09:50
Speaker : Sergio Feingold
Plant breeding and generation of new variability

09:50 a 10:10
Speaker : Lucio Lombardo
Chemical mutagenesis platform applied to pre-breeding of crop

10:10 a 10:30
Speaker : Gabriela Soto
Molecular improvement of alfalfa, from genetic studies to its application

10:30 a 10:50
Speaker : Luis Herrera Estrella
Development of a novel phosphorus fertilization and weed control system for a more sustainable agriculture

10:50 a 11:10
Speaker : Charlie Brummer
The good, the bad, and the ugly: using germplasm in plant breeding programs

11:10 a 11:20
Panel with all the speakers

11.20 a 11.40


11.40 a 12.50

Session II - Event deregulation Fostered by Argenbio

Chair : Diego Ortíz

11:40 a 12:00
Speaker : Wayne Parrott
The approval process of GE events in the USA

12:00 a 12:20
Speaker : Dalia Lewi
Argentina´s regulatory framework on plant biotechnology product

12:20 a 12:40
Speaker : Patricia Miranda
Late development of a biotech event: the regulatory path leading to the market

12:40 a 12:50
Panel with all the speakers

12.50 a 13.30


13.30 a 14.20

Session III - Patents and intellectual property

Chair: María Beatríz Formica

13:30 a 13:50
Speaker : Miguel Rapela
Intellectual property in the processes of invention/innovation in plant breeding

13:50 a 14:10
Speaker : Gloria Montarón Estrada
Intellectual Property Rights for Biotech Innovations

14:10 a 14:20
Panel with all the speakers

14.20 a 14.30


14.30 a 16.00

Session IV - New selection and evaluation tools based on molecular markers Fostered by Bayer

Chair : Leonardo Vanzetti

14:30 a 14:50
Speaker : Paolo Annicchiaricco
Genotyping-by-sequencing data-based genomic selection for crop yield and quality in outbred and inbred legumes

14:50 a 15:10
Speaker : Peggy Ozias-Akins
Marker-assisted breeding for disease resistance in peanut

15:10 a 15:30
Speaker : José Francisco Crossa
Methods for increasing genomics, phenomics, and environmics prediction accuracy in plant breeding

15:30 a 15:50
Speaker : Roberto Fritsche Neto
Optimizing self-pollinated crop breeding employing genomic selection: from schemes to updating training sets

15:50 a 16:00
Panel with all the speakers

16.00 a 16.20


16.20 a 18.30

Session V - Progress in breeding cereal crops and chickpea Sponsored by Buck Semillas

Chair : Jorge Fraschina

16:20 a 16:35
Speaker : Leonardo Vanzetti
New technologies applied to inta's wheat breeding program

16:35 a 16:50
Speaker : Ignacio Trucillo
The corn breeding challenge: a view from the Industry

16:50 a 17:05
Speaker : Diego Ortíz
Grain and forage sorghum breeding in INTA for adaptation and yield

17:05 a 17:20
Speaker : Julia Carreras
The contribution of genetic improvement to the productive system of Argentina

17:20 a 17:35
Speaker : Pedro Pardo
Advances in the improvement of sorghum with focus on agronomic gaps of the crop

17:35 a 17:50
Speaker : Diana Martino
Speed breeding: ¿Cómo aplicarlo al mejoramiento genético de trigo?

17:50 a 18:05
Speaker : Alison Bentley
CIMMYT Global Wheat Program – Accelerating Impact

18:05 a 18:20
Panel with all the speakers


Adjourn Day 1

Martes 14 de Septiembre

08.00 a 09.30

Session VI - High throug hput phenotyping and genotyping techniques Fostered by Bolsa de Cereales de Córdoba

Chair : Constanza Carrera

08:00 a 08:20
Speaker: Nicolás Langlade
Multi-scale modeling to predict sunflower tolerance to abiotic stresses

08:20 a 08:40
Speaker: Andrés Zambelli
The impact of genomics and high-throughput genotyping on plant breeding

08:40 a 09:00
Speaker: Santiago Álvarez Prado
Combining phenomics and genomic prediction in breeding: an example in maize

09:00 a 09:20
Speaker: Seth Murray
Unoccupied Aerial Systems Temporal Phenotyping and Phenomic Selection for Maize Breeding and Genetics

09:20 a 09:30
Panel with all the speakers

09.30 a 10.00


10.00 a 12.00

Session VII - Use of bioinformatics and omics in plant breeding Fostered by Grupo Don Mario

Chair : Sergio Feingold

10:00 a 10:20
Speaker: Marcelo Soria
The integration of omic information as a translational approach in plant breeding

10:20 a 10:40
Speaker: Carla Filippi
Genomic and bioinformatic approaches for the identification of useful loci for crop breeding

10:40 a 11:00
Speaker: Augusto Franco García
Genetic mapping using high-throughput genotyping

11:00 a 11:20
Speaker: Charlie Messina
Crop improvement for circular agricultural systems

11:40 a 12.00
Speaker: Osval Montecinos
Deep learning fundamentals, power and perspectives for genomic selection

11:40 a 11:55
Panel with all the speakers

12.00 a 13.00


13:00 a 14:10

Session VIII Part 1 - Progress in forage and turfgrass improvement Fostered by Palo Verde

Chair : Daniel Basigalup

13:00 a 13:15
Speaker: Ariel Odorizzi
Alfalfa (Medicago sativa l.) breeding in Argentina

13:15 a 13:30
Speaker: Valeria Arolfo
Exploring sweetclover potential

13:30 a 13:45
Speaker: Mariela Acuña
Improving warm-season forage grasses and Lotus tenuis

13:45 a 14:00
Speaker: Esteban Ríos
Optimizing genomic prediction and phenomics to improve yield and nutritive value in alfalfa

14:00 a 14:10
Panel with all the speakers

14:10 a 14:25


14.25 a 15.35

Session VIII Part 2 Fostered by Palo Verde

14:25 a 14:40
Speaker: Carlos Acuña
Advances in the genetic improvement of Paspalum species in northeastern Argentina

14:40 a 14:55
Speaker: Andrea Tomás
Progress in breeding of a forage allogamous subtropical grass

14:55 a 15:10
Speaker: Kevin Kenworthy
Turfgrass Breeding at the University of Florida

15:10 a 15:25
Speaker: Juan Pablo Renzi Pugni
Vetch breeding program for fodder and cover crop in Argentina

15:25 a 15:35
Panel with all the speakers

15:35 a 16:00


16.00 A 17.30

Session IX - Progress in breeding oil seed crops

Chair : Julio Ferrarotti

16:00 a 16:15
Speaker: Jorge Baldessari
Peanut breeding at inta manfredi: old tools, new challenges

16:15 a 16:30
Speaker: Claudia Vega
Eco-physiological and genetic basis of soybean yield determination

16:30 a 16:45
Speaker: Daniel Álvarez
Sunflower: Breeding and Genetic Resources at INTA Manfredi, Argentina

16:45 a 17:00
Speaker: Ezequiel Pozzo
New technological tools and their use in a soybean breeding program

17:00 a 17:15
Speaker: Diego Soldini
Quality differentiated non-GMO soybean breeding

17:15 a 17:30
Panel with all the speakers

17:30 a 17:45




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